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Epic House Shortage Happening Now

housingshortageIf you are a potential seller in today's market, you should pay attention to a new survey released by the Joint Center of Housing Studies showing a big shortage in home inventory.Read More

4 Things to Check to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

avoidbuyersremorseDo you think you have found the perfect home? Check these four things first before submitting an offer to make sure you don't regret it later on.Read More

3 Reasons the Housing Market is Not a Bubble

housingmarketnotabubbleAlthough some doomsday predictions assume that the recklessness in the mortgage industry from the crisis only a decade ago, here are three reasons why we are not in the middle of a bubble again.Read More

How to Start Investing as a Millennial

millennialsinvestrealestateOpportunities abound in real estate even if you are a young person so long as you are willing to put in some work towards your potential investments.Read More

Common Mistakes That Kill Your Mortgage

mistakeskillyourmortgageQualifying for a mortgage isn't as difficult as it once was, but you can still kill your chances by making one of these common mistakes.Read More

Why Millennials Are Swiping Left on Your Property

swipeleftonlistingIf you are having a tough time selling your home, the market may not be the problem. It could be one of a handful of aesthetic things that are turning off your buyers.Read More

What to Expect At the Closing Table

whattoexpectonclosingAs exciting as purchasing a new home can be, the closing table is an intimidating place if you don't know what you can expect.Read More

Avoid These States if You Are a First-Time Homebuyer

firsttimehomebuyerIf you are considering purchasing your first home, you may want to avoid these 10 states as they the least friendly for first-time homebuyers.Read More

Where Are Housing Prices Headed?

homepricesheadedHome prices have been volatile over the last 7-8 years and according to a recent home price expectation survey, experts believe that home prices will appreciate at a rate of just over 3% over the next 5 years.Read More

Find Extra Money for a Down Payment

extramoneyfordownpaymentSaving up for a downpayment doesn't have to take decades if you are willing to make some short term financial sacrifices to save for your dream home.Read More