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Halloween Safety for Kids and Pets

halloweensafetyHalloween is coming up and this author presents some of the best practices for keeping children and pets safe.Read More

Repairs to Make Before Selling

homerepairsPreparing your home to sell it usually means making some of those must-needed repairs but some repairs are more necessary than others.Read More

Gallup Poll: Real Estate Best Longterm Investment

investmentA new Gallup poll of Americans asking their opinion on long-term investments revealed that Americans believe real estate is back at the top over options like gold, stocks or savings accounts.Read More

13 Terms to Know When Buying a Home

termsforbuyingReal estate transactions are conducted in a whole new language and this small real estate dictionary can help you navigate the process flawlessly.Read More

7 Tips to Getting a Competitive Rate on Homeowner’s Insurance

House on stack of moneyWith everything else to consider, homeowner's insurance is often an afterthought in the homebuying process, but it shouldn't be.Read More

Crowdfund Your New Home Renovation

crowdfundinghomerenoCrowdfunding has hit home renovations now as a sort of gift registry for homeowners attempting to make major home renovations.Read More

Fall is Roofing Season

fallroofingFall is the perfect time to make those needed repairs to your roof before extreme winter weather hits.Read More

The Difference Between a Realtor and Real Estate Professional

realtorvsrealestateagentA common misconception among the public is that realtor is synonymous with a real estate agent and this article attempts to define the differences.Read More

Make Sure you Get a Fair Deal When Buying a Flipped Property

buyflippedhomeWhen buying a home from an investor, there are some things you can look for to make sure you are getting a fair deal and not just buying a pig with pretty lipstick.Read More

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Appeal to Buyers

upgradeyourkitchenUpdated kitchens and baths are some of the few home remodeling projects that payoff when it comes to sales value.Read More