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Typical Home Sale Generates $52k for Economy

model of the house and us dollars , selective focus, finance or rental conceptRecent statistics from the National Association of Realtors show that a typical home sale in the U.S. generates $52,000 for the local economy.Read More

How Valuable is the Parking Space to Your Home?

parkingspacevalueIn cities where parking is scarce, a simple parking space can affect the value of your home in a big way.Read More

Pros and Cons of Large Condo Complex

largecondocomplexCondos are a great value these days if you no where to work, but there are some drawbacks to living in a large close community.Read More

Signs You Live in a Millennial Neighborhood

millennial neighborhoodRedfin compiled a report that lists and indicates how college-educated millennials are living and how you can tell if you live among them.Read More

Why So Much Paperwork for a Loan?

mortgagepaperworkIf you have ever gotten a loan, then you have probably wondered why there are is so much paperwork required by the banks to complete.Read More

Know How Safe a Home is Before You Buy

howknowsafehomeThe company that first launched their walkability score now has a crime grade score to help homebuyers see how safe an area is before they purchase.Read More

Tips for Buying New Construction

buyingnewconstructionBuying new construction can often be trickier than you think without following these tips.Read More

5 Questions to Ask Your Agent

questionstoaskyouragentSometimes knowing the right questions to ask is as important as your own knowledge when entering the home buying process.Read More

Why Now is the Right Time to Buy

timetobuynowWith school starting and the summer home buying season coming to a close, you might think that now is a terrible time to buy a home but this author explains why you would be wrong.Read More

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