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What Is Holding the Real Estate Market Back?

marketholdbackAlthough some positive signals have been reported on the housing market, the recovery has stalled because of low inventory according to a new report from Freddie Mac.Read More

7 Moving Tips That Will Save You Money

moneysavingmovingtipsMoving can be expensive but things like packing yourself, keeping receipts and getting rid of your junk can help you save money.Read More

Prepare to Buy Your First Home

preparetobuyyourfirsthomeAs you prepare to purchase your first home there are three things that will help you get ready to find the right property.Read More

Know the Mortgage Basics

mortgagebasicsqandaOne of the most intimidating aspects of the home buying process is the mortgage and this author helps to answer some of the frequently asked questions.Read More

Five Reasons You Should Sell Now

HProblematic news reports may have some sellers wanting to sit on the fence, but this author describes why you should sell your home now.Read More

Four Low-Cost Remodels That Payoff

lowcostremodelsAll remodeling projects are not created equally according to this author who lists four remodels that increase a home's value.Read More

Five Things to Look for When Opening Summer Home

summerhomeWhether it's a vacation home or another property that hasn't been lived in in some time, you will want to look for these five things when opening up your summer home.Read More

How Much Should You Save for a Down Payment?

howmuchdownpaymentWith the mortgage market changing drastically over the last five years, it can be difficult to know just how much one has to save for a down payment these days.Read More

Keep Your Home Cool on a Budget

keepcoolthriftyFor many homeowners, keeping your home comfortable in the summer can eat up your budget, but here are some thrifty ways to keep cool.Read More

Is Residential Real Estate a Roll of the Dice?

realestateacrapshootAlthough many in the mainstream media tout an unpredictable housing market, betting on residential real estate longterm is still safe.Read More