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When to DIY Rather Than Hire a Pro

DIYorproSome home improvement projects are better left to professionals instead of doing them yourself according to this author who explains how to tell the difference.Read More

Home Inspection as an Owner’s Manual

homeinspectionHome inspections can help to protect buyer's from damaged homes, but if the buyer is present it can also help to become acquainted with their new home.Read More

Five Advantages to Owning a Home

homeowneradvantageOwning a home has a number of advantages over renting or leasing your place to live especially now that prices are still relatively low.Read More

Fix Small Issues Before You Put Your Home on the Market

fixproblemsbeforesellingAccording to some real estate professionals, it's a good idea to spend time fixing small issues before you put your home on the market to ensure the maximum sales price.Read More

How Home Ownership Impacts Net Worth

homeimpactnetworthThe average American has a net worth of $77,300 and home ownership represents a big part of that.Read More

Decorate Your Home Like a Celebrity for Under $100

decoratelikecelebritiesCelebrities often have outrageous and expensive taste in decor, but you can follow their trends even if you are on a budget by following these tips.Read More

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Homeowners

springchecklistSpring is the perfect time of year to spruce up your home, whether it be to prepare it for sale or just to make it a more comfortable place to live.Read More

6 Traits Your Agent Should Possess

personalitytraitsrealestateWhen choosing a real estate agent, it is important to consider their skills, but also their personality and character.Read More

Get A Customized List Of Homes

Get A Customized List Of Homes





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Can You Still Buy With No Down Payment?

nodownpaymentAlthough 0% down loans are becoming less common, they can still be obtained if you meet the stringent qualification standards.Read More