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Love it or List it, Remodel or Sell?

remodelorstayAs home sales have begun to plateau, the decision whether to remodel or list your home has become more interesting.Read More

Calculate the True Cost of Waiting to Buy

truecostofwaitingWith longterm interest rates at near historical lows and home prices still low as well, the true cost of waiting until the market "recovers" may be more than you realize.Read More

Ignore Meaningless Stats, Price per Square Foot

price per square footOf all home valuation statistics, price per square foot is among the most meaningless for consumers trying to compare properties.Read More

5 Home Buying Myths

homebuyingmythsThe mortgage bubble caused more than just foreclosures and a banking crisis. It shattered some longheld myths about home buying.Read More

Backyard Remodeling on a Budget

backyardremodelingA backyard can be a wonderful place to relax when the weather is nice if you are willing to put some effort and thought into how it is organized.Read More

6 Ways to Conserve Water

conservewaterWith a third of the nation in some sort of drought, it is important to follow these steps to conserve water.Read More

Harvard: 5 Financial Reasons to Buy a Home

reasonstobuyhomeA new joint study on housing by describes five reasons why Americans should purchase instead of rent.Read More

Have a Stress-Free Home Selling Experience

stress-freehomesellingIt may be stating the obvious, but by far the best way to have a stress-free home selling experience is to not do it all on your own.Read More

Reasons to Own: Either Way You are Paying a Mortgage

reasonstoownWhen weighing whether to purchase or rent, one thing to consider is that either way you will be paying a mortgage.Read More

The Four C’s of Borrowing

fourCsofborrowingDo you want to know what's important to a lender when they are looking for borrowers? The four C's of borrowing are a great indicator.Read More