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Crowdfund Your New Home Renovation

crowdfundinghomerenoCrowdfunding has hit home renovations now as a sort of gift registry for homeowners attempting to make major home renovations.Read More

Fall is Roofing Season

fallroofingFall is the perfect time to make those needed repairs to your roof before extreme winter weather hits.Read More

The Difference Between a Realtor and Real Estate Professional

realtorvsrealestateagentA common misconception among the public is that realtor is synonymous with a real estate agent and this article attempts to define the differences.Read More

Make Sure you Get a Fair Deal When Buying a Flipped Property

buyflippedhomeWhen buying a home from an investor, there are some things you can look for to make sure you are getting a fair deal and not just buying a pig with pretty lipstick.Read More

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Appeal to Buyers

upgradeyourkitchenUpdated kitchens and baths are some of the few home remodeling projects that payoff when it comes to sales value.Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Tapping Your Home for Cash

taphomeforcashAs equity is returning to many homes, it can be tempting to tap that equity for cash, but here are five things to consider first.Read More

Match Your Dream Home to Your Budget

dreamhomeonabudgetThis post provides a list of seven things you can do to help match your dream home to your budget in reality.Read More

Why Finding the Right Agent is Crucial

findtherightagentFinding the right agent isn't just a matter of playing darts with the phone book. Good agents will have and be able to process other types of information as well.Read More

How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

dealwithbadneighborsDoing research on your neighborhood before you buy is always preferable, but if you do find yourself with a bad neighbor, here are some helpful strategies for dealing with them.Read More

Are There Really Any Short Sale Bargains?


The idea that a buyer is going to purchase a short sale significantly below market value should be dismissed; those days (if they really existed) are long gone. The reasons vary but the one constant is that lenders are not going to absorb the loss of a single dollar more than required. Lenders are verifying home values with automated systems, broker price opinions (BPOs) and in some cases, appraisals. In short, they are ensuring that offers accepted reflect current comparable properties. Despite what lenders publicly say, there is little motivation to complete a short sale; foreclosure is not a bad option for them or one they shy away from – especially in rising markets. Key points for buyers interested in short sales to remember:

Most agents price short sales to generate offers, it is li...

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